The University of Toledo’s computer science and engineering (CSE) program offered through Lorain County Community College’s University Partnership (UP) has given many students and former students a chance to shoot for the stars and land at the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

Brent Nowlin

LCCC CSE program instructor Brent Nowlin is a full time electrical engineer at NASA. He sees many students who come through the doors land co-ops and jobs at NASA and other great local companies, he said.

“I have had the privilege of bringing in 16 students to NASA for employment over my time teaching for LCCC. Most of these students work full time for the center,” Nowlin said. He also graduated from the UT 1987 with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering.

“While working as a fresh out-of-college engineer, and pursuing my master’s degree as well, I saw that the UT engineering curriculum was quite rigorous, especially compared to other top-notch engineering universities in the Midwest,” Nowlin said. Today he says he feels honored to teach the UT CSE program that was recently ranked as one of the top four engineering programs in the state of Ohio by the Princeton Review.

Emilio Borges


Emilio Borges, 23, is another UT graduate who now works full time at the NASA site as a data systems engineer service contractor for HX5 Sierra. He earned his computer science and engineering degree through the LCCC program in 2016 and lives in North Ridgeville.

“One unique feature that separates the UP CSE program at LCCC from all other university programs, is the opportunity for students to develop a close relationship with one another and with the professors,” Borges said. “I can personally say this student relationship helped me succeed throughout my degree and has contributed to my career success.”

Matt Muscatello

Matt Muscatello, 31, also works at NASA as a computer engineer in the flight software branch after completing the NASA co-op program and the CSE program. The Vermilion resident values the all-encompassing training he was given in the program.

“During the first year, we were required to take a professional development class. The class requires each student to write a resume and partake in a mock interview,” Muscatello said. “This gives every student in the CSE program a leg up on all other college students out there in the interview process. It helps make every student comfortable and confident going into the interview.”

Another member of the NASA family, Beth Sexton, is thriving in the program. The Vermillion resident completed co-ops at NASA over the last two summers. She takes courses at the University Partnership Ridge Partnership in North Ridgeville, home to the LCCC UT CSE program.

Beth Sexton

“My favorite part of the CSE partnership program is the ‘sun computer lab’,” Sexton said. “All of my fellow classmates study in this room and we can count on each other to help when we run into questions. I also love the class sizes. They are small, which allows you to get to know the professors on a more personal level.”

At 30, she has earned two associate degrees from LCCC, in computer programming and web development, and will earn her bachelor’s in computer science and engineering next spring.

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