The Honors Institute

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Unique Opportunities for Students Seeking a Challenge

What do you get when you surround yourself with a community of student scholars who seek to challenge themselves intellectually while, at the same time, building bonds of friendship that will endure throughout their college careers and into their professional lives? The answer, of course, is the Honors Institute at Lorain County Community College.

Offering a challenging and rewarding environment, LCCC’s college-wide Honors Institute is grounded in a liberal arts tradition and stresses the connections among various disciplines and the tools of artistic and intellectual discovery. It is designed to prepare students for competitive academic programs with an eye toward pursuing careers that require a graduate or professional degree.

“The Honors Institute provides an enriching and challenging educational experience for high achieving and academically driven students,” said Professor Valerie McGowan-Doyle, Ph.D., Honors Institute Director.

Small class sizes, study groups, and individualized attention from faculty create a comfortable and supportive setting for exploring course topics through reading, writing, speaking and listening.

“Our mission is to make the student’s undergraduate experience exceptionally rewarding,” said Professor Iona Joseph Abraham, Ph.D.

To be considered for the Honors Institute, incoming students must submit an Honors Institute application, which is in addition to the application for admission to the College. Entering students need to have a 3.4 cumulative high school GPA or a minimum ACT composite score of 28 or a minimum SAT combined reading and mathematics score of 1260 to apply. Academic references from two high school teachers, guidance counselors or college instructors/professors must also be included. Students who are already enrolled in the program must maintain a 3.4 cumulative grade point average and carry between 12-30 credit hours to be eligible.

Advantages of Honors

LCCC’s Honors Institute enhances a student’s overall educational experience and includes rewarding features, such as:

A close-knit learning community of like-minded peers

Outstanding student services including priority scheduling, and academic and transfer advisement

Leadership development opportunities

Instruction from top-rated faculty and unique faculty mentors

Study abroad opportunities

Honors scholarships

LCCC Honors Institute: A College Within a College

The Honors Institute at LCCC creates a “college within a college” by creating opportunities for high-achieving students to learn together as a cohort. Students and their peers will become a close group, with the ability to take classes together throughout their time at LCCC due to multiple course offerings in a variety of disciplines.

“We are the launching pad to the college of your dreams, said McGowan-Doyle. “Our graduates not only gain admission to top schools but, because of the skills learned in Honors, they flourish.  They are ready to succeed at the best colleges in the world.”

For more information about LCCC’s Honors Institute, call 440-366-4033 or visit

Valerie McGowan-Doyle

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